February 14, 2006

Sugoi! Evisu Kizzu

evisu_jeans.jpgAccording to the current issue of Junior Magazine (UK), Evisu is adding some suh-weet little shoes--I saw canvas hi-tops with the Evisu swoop/seagull logo on the side--to their line of children and infant clothing. Wha wha wha?? There's Evisu gear for babies?

Turns out the Japanese fanatic jean company [yeah, redundant, I know] launched Evisu Kizzu [pronounced Kid-zu in Japanese] in fall 2004 for kids ages 0-8. There are bodysuits, T's and shirts in addition to jeans and jackets. Info is sparse, and the Evisu website only shows two pieces of clothing for sale: a pair of jeans [sold out] and a sweatshirt [pink only, how trendy]. For the impatient, there's always eBay, where "Evisu Kizzu" turns up 27 auctions. EBay has another advantage: the sellers might be a little more flexible on shipping than Evisu.com, which won't ship to the US or Japan.

Check out this Evisu logo sweatshirt and these unavailable Evisu Kizzu jeans, originally 60 and 70 respectively, they're now half off. [evisu.com]
Evisu Kizzu on eBay [ebay.com]


Kind of middle of the road for kids fashion in Japan... not bad. I might have to get my mother in law to pick some stuff up next time they come... she already found us some sweet pink Asics baby sneakers I've never seen in North America.

I noticed a lot of stuff over there was either really expensive (Boo Foo Woo or My First Hysteric... I saw a baby skirt for $150) or really super reasonable... (stuff for under $10 at Uniqlo and Nishi-Matsuya that would sell for 4-5 times as much here).

BTW, thanks for the tip on the big Muji by Yurakucho/Tokyo Station... we hit it last fall after taking in the Aida Mitsuo poetry museum right around the corner at the Tokyo International Forum. Got a great winter coat that makes the kid look like a marshmallow with legs...

All I can think of "Can I Super size that for you?"

I'm freakin' brainwashed

Bape/evisu my arse!!!These are for mindless driptray crews who have no originality. Artful Dodger is just about going into the stores across the states and Canada and will be in the Uk from August. It will only be sold in the best stores sitting along side Michiko koshino Yen,Marshall Artist,PRPS to name a few. I cant wait for it to be in the shops so I can get on to it.

[wow, the sudden internet buzz on this unlaunched brand makes me really excited for it, too. I can't wait to see their babyclothes designs. -ed.]

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