February 14, 2006

Baby Snotvac Attachment Market Heats Up

Behold the BabyVac, a sparsely described, sparsely illustrated, well-trademarked competitor to the Wiva-Vac, aka The Hungarian Miracle.

Both products are desgined to clear out your child's clogged nasal passages using the vacuum cleaner you already have in your own home! Just attach the clear plastic nozzle to the vacuum hose, place it in/near/at your child's nostril, throw the switch, and --presto!--you've Hoovered all his snot out (hopefully without traumatizing him in ways that will only surface in therapy decades from now).

Stock photography, Paypal ordering, oddly stilted descriptions ["A stuffy nose will hinder breathing, make them feel jaded..."], ready-to-go-website templates. How's a snotsucking dad supposed to keep these hosers straight? Just remember: the Wiva-Vac has a Hungarian inventor, and the BabyVac also works with a breast pump. Next question?

BabyVac Infant/Child Nasal Vacuum Aspirator, $18 [babyvac.com, thanks dt reader courtney]
Previously: Wiva-Vac-USA - Hungarian Doctor To Snot: Resistance Is Futile


I've been feeling a little jaded all my life, who knew it was my stuffy nose causing it all along! Dammed allergies.

Oh my god. These are the same people who invented the vacuum attachment to cut your own hair right? Unbelieveable.

[don't think so; the technical info on the Flowbee website makes it look like the Space Shuttle by comparison. -ed.]

However much I might like to clear up their sinuses once a for all, i tried to vacuum the floor the other day with the babies present for the first time, and they freaked out. If i can't turn on the machine in the next room, there ain't no way they're going to let me in close...

I would just like to say that when I was a wee infant, my dad used one of those bulb snot suckers, the ones they give every parent, on me and it caused my nose to bleed.
I then suffered the most horrid gushing nosebleeds throughout my entire childhood for no apparent reason (never picked, never stuck things up there, nothing) I always blamed him...

So I'll just say it now, I am not for sticking ANYTHING up a babies nose... especially something you have no control over the suction of!

That is all...

We have an adult that works with us that ALWAYS has his finger up his nose.....will it work on him?...granted we may have to hold him down.......

[no, do it the other way; chip in and buy it for him anonymously and just leave it on his desk. I'm cracking up at the idea of a cube farm where, somewhere, a vacuum cleaner whirs to life every few minutes. -ed.]

I Came across the BabyVac at the last Baby and Toddler show at Toronto. I have to say I was sceptical at first. However, my child was hospitalised before, so I witnessed paediatricians actually using a unit almost like this on my baby of 6 weeks old!!. The only difference is that their unit is conveniently built into the wall. WELL this one you can actually take home with you. So My questions to the sceptical is: WHY NOT USE THE SAME TECHNOLOGY as paediatric hospitals

THIS UNIT SAVED so much hassle for me. And my toddler can use it too. He actually LOVES the part when he puts this unit together. This device just WON THE BEST PRODUCT OF 2005 by Quality of life of Omnimedia. This was enough reassurance for me. Check it out: www.babyvac.ca

WHAT A LIFE SAVER!!!!!You really need to try this or go to any hospital and see a doctor use one just like that

I love our Baby-Vac. I was a little worried at first, but then I tried it on myself, and was relieved at how gentle it was. Now that we've used the vacuum cleaner a few times, our little one enjoys it, especially when Daddy makes faces.

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