February 12, 2006

Spotted: Vintage Nanna Ditzel Toadstools & Bassinet

A reader writes in: "Saw a vintage Trissen toadstool table and chair set (3 chairs) for sale at Lost City Arts in NoHo, $1,400. It's unfinished wood; is that right?" True enough. I've seen new unfinished beech Trissen table & stools at DWR, but it also seems like the first place to bring them in, Kid-o, had some with a smoother polyurethane finish. I could be wrong, though. What I DO know: a similar set of Ditzel would cost around $1,100 new.


Meanwhile, I spotted this sweet-looking Nanna Ditzel pine bassinet on eBay tonight. It's made from long grain Oregon pine, and it originally came with a wheeled wooden stand. This one in Alexandria, VA doesn't, but this one--from Cantilever 20th C. Design in MD is complete, and likely a lot more expensive than $99. Of course, that's just the opening bid, and not even the reserve price. The auction goes through Feb. 20.

Nanna Ditzel Pine Bassinet-cradle Kold Savvaerk Danish
Sweet pix: Ditzel Bassinet, price on request [

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