February 12, 2006

Photoshop Contest: Bad, Bad, Bad Idea Toys


The Marlboro Reds Transformer; the spiral slide with razor blades embedded in it; Poledancing Barbie; Mister Pot Head; My First Ouija Boardbook. You'll understand why of all the entries in Worth1000.com's Photoshop contest asking for toys that are just a "bad, bad, bad idea," the tamest one I can show on this here family website is the Little Tikes My First Tanning Bed.

Bad, Bad, Bad Idea Toys contest
[worth1000.com via boingboing]


I'm glad you posted the tanning bed; the others aren't even funny. What a bunch of asses.

i think these are hilarious. stuff like this is what keeps a sahm too serious about what i do. i like some of the titles too- "looking toward a brighter future" for an electric socket with toys that fit into it- sick!!

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