February 10, 2006

You're A Wonder, Wonder Woman


The woman edits a zine called The Mother that sounds like parenting advice rounded up at Lilith Fair and on Paradise Island, and she nurses her 8-year-old daughter. Clearly, what some man might think is totally beside the point here.

Why I still breastfeed my eight-year-old girl [news and star via onlinetriplets]


Having watched the programme (I'm in the UK) I was utterly mortified by this woman and her kids! They both seemed realllllly immature for their ages, were home schooled and just generally very strange! Dad also queues up for his feed of an evening and both kids had also been fed by their grandmother - 'Nanna-bitty' as it is now known over here. (see a very funny sketch show called Little Britain - series 2, shows a full grown man breastfeeding at really innappropriate moments, ie his wedding.)

Ps first time I've posted here, but really love this blog.
carla x

This mother believes that her 9 year old asked for breast milk because she remembered that wonderful feeling from when she was breast-fed.

If you ask me, I think the 9 year old saw the (albeit strange to me) intimacy the younger daughter and mother were sharing and was a bit jealous.

For whom are these women extending the breastfeeding? Their children or themselves?

Um I saw this and thought, Umm, CPS anyone? I mean really, I'm all for breastfeeding, but at 9? It's for the mother who doesn't want to let go. Sick in my mind. And to put it on TV. If your going to do it, why advertise it?

[I think you're looking through the other end of the telescope; she's advertising it because she's an advocate and a believer. -ed.]

Um, did anyone see the helpful "Other stories from this category that may interest you" that follwed the b-feeding article? The first two were:

-Paedophile jailed for just 40 months
-Lesbian night event for ĺ─˛friendliestĺ─˘ town

So that's what category I was in.

A believer and an 'advocate' she may be, but the fact is that the health benefits are insignificant at her daughter's age. So what we're really talking about is her advocacy of breastfeeding for emotional/bonding reasons. Then the psychological damage inflicted by weaning her daughter 'before she's ready' (and I don't personally believe there hasn't been a point at which her daughter was ready but that's my two cents and besides the point), then, must be weighed against the emotional trauma she's knowingly inflicting now. When people look upon her in public with disgust and disbelief they are looking at her daughter too. Plain and simple. For her to ignore the impact that's having on her child (and you can be sure it is having one) is ignorant at best and selfish at worst.

And if you need any more evidence that she's fulfilling only her own needs with this, look no further than the fact that she's also feeding her husband.

I have heard that people try that - ok, whatever floats your boat. But every night for eight-plus years? Ew.


FKN GROSS. thats all. and i breastfed my daughter for 3 years.

I just don't see anything wrong with this family. Yes it is unusual, but that does not make it wrong. I saw a loving exchange and daughters who had a loving memory or a wonderful experience with nursing. My twins just turned two years old and tandem feed in the morning and at night. They stroke each other's hair or arms while nursing and it is so tender and sweet.

Although I can't personally imagine nursing so long, I just don't see what the harm is. Sure, there may be some stigma from others who don't understand but, in the end, those who aren't understanding are the ones who lack.

I would be blessed if my children still wanted to nurse at 8 --as long as the exchange is a tender and loving one. Once there is a demanding tone, then it would be time to say bye bye breast. It is a two-way street.

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