February 8, 2006

Starck Maclaren Goes On View At Colette


According to the Colette newsletter for February, the Philippe Starck Maclaren stroller went on exclusive preview in the store starting Monday.

As Colette puts it,

Les poussettes Starck pour Maclaren, allient ˆÝ merveille la puissance visuelle du design et l'utilitˆ© pratique de la technique. Une poussette pour toutes les mamans! En avant-premiˆ®re chez colette ˆÝ partir du 6 fˆ©vrier.
It must sound better in French, because that line about <> bit didn't make it into the English copy. La plus ca change...

colette newsletter february 2006, styledesignartfoodmusicbeautˆ©news [colette.fr via dt reader darren]
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Hum... They probably ditched the " A stroller for all mommies" comment in the English version to avoid getting some more DT coverage on the "Maclaren-does-not-care-about-daddy" topic. Too bad for them, you speak French...

[yeah, after all these years, you'd think I'd have gotten used to Colette's spies following me around, documenting my every fashion utterance and move... -ed.]

It seems to be a French thing - we have a Berchet trike with an attached backpack which is 'pour les mamans' in French and 'for parents' in English.

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