February 7, 2006

FLASH: Ikea High Chair Spotted In Berlin Children's Restaurant


It's not just for Americans anymore. Apparently Europe has fallen head over heels in love with IKEA. Even the US edition of People Magazine has taken notice of the trend.

CBB's Danielle reports that an IKEA Antilop high chair was spotted last week in Pups, a family-friendly restaurant in Berlin. Here is a picture of the chair being used by an unidentified local family during a kinderfeedin, or "traditional German mid-day meal." Those Germans, they have a word for everything.

Playing With Food [people via cbb]
Pups Indoor Spielplatz [pups.de]
Previously: sweet Antilop high chair from IKEA


Nice to see them finally catching on... :)

Also, wow, my daughter sits in the same high chair as Zahara (did, once, most likely). :)

As for restaurant use, actually, I first saw the chair when I was meeting a client of mine who runs a cafe... they actually (duh) use the same chair in the IKEA store restaurant too.

I'm still glad we went with this model; it's the perfect size for a small apartment and the kid seems to be really comfortable in it.

"unidentified local family"? I can see from the previous post that I'm not the only one who thinks this is the Brangelina crew.

[but why would People Magazine post picture of them? And what do they have to do with the sudden popularity of IKEA in Europe?]

It's not just for Americans anymore? Europe has fallen in love with Ikea??? This is too funny. Doesn't People even know that IKEA is from Sweden and Europe has been loving it long before it hit the US? I remember being in a line to get into one of the Ikea's in London.

If it's good enough for "unidentified" families in Europe, then it's good enough for me!

Oh, Susan. ;)

A family that I nannied for earlier last year had that highchair and it was the coolest thing. Easy to clean too!

My first impression was - "those people look very american"... The backwards-turned baseball cap hasn't really struck a chord over here in europe.

HELLLOOOO! That is Brooke Shields people.

Yeah, the chair is super easy to clean; I just run the tray under the tap and mop down the rest with a cloth in about 30 seconds. The goofy rubber seating pad isn't so smooth, but it washes out well.

BTW, for what it's worth, even Canada had IKEA before the US... I think we had our first one 25 years ago, at least. You'd almost think Greg is being ironic... :)

This is never ever in Germany we don't have gumballthings in our restaurants!!

[um, you might want to click through on that Pups link, Bunny... -ed.]

"Europe has fallen head over heels in love with IKEA."
IKEA is European ! It the Americans that have caught on... Typical.

[Typical? please explain. Since so many Americans are taking seriously what I thought would be obviously humorous, should I consider your reaction typically American, too? -ed.]

'It's not just for Americans anymore. Apparently Europe has fallen head over heels in love with IKEA.'

are you sure? is this a wind up? where is IKEA from? do you think it's american because you've seen it in america?

IKEA is from Sweden. Sweden is in Europe. America was 'quick' to catch on ...

{OK, OK, I get it. MY JOKES AREN'T FUNNY. -ed.]

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