February 7, 2006

Congratulations, Tracey & Jon Stewart [Again]

The lack of a new Daily Show last night was not a sign that the show had gone into yet another of it's weeklong vacations. Turns out Jon Stewart and his wife Tracey had their baby daughter Saturday night.

The named her Maggie Rose, a tribute to the unofficial folk anthem of Australia, "Waltzing Maggie."

On a related note, I heard a report a couple of months ago about which double stroller the Stewarts bought, but I haven't posted it. The sales guy at the baby store was shooting his mouth off about it, and frankly, it felt really invasive. It's not like he's buying Lotrimin Ultra or anything, but still, a man shouldn't have to worry that his purchases are discussed so freely after he leaves. And anyway, I'm sure the paparazzi are staked out outside Villa Stewart, so the minute the clan tries to sneak out for waffles, they'll be ours forever.

Uh, I think his wife helped: A Baby Girl For Jon Stewart [people]

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may 05: Jon Stewart seen buying wine, flowers, at Whole Foods
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It's "Waltzing Matilda". I certainly hope they didn't name it after "Waltzing Maggie", and if they did, they should get a new story very very quick before they mention that story to the public...

Maybe all jokes on this blog should come with emoticons and LOL!

[or I could use a DHS-style Humor/Irony Alert rainbow coding system. -ed.]

I like his comment on the show last night... "When I was younger, before I had kids, I used to think that song 'Children are the Future' was trite... now I take it as a warning."

I think that's a great idea Greg. On another forum I participate in, we use a lovely lime green shade to highlight sarcastic text for those less inclined to understand. ;)

[ah, at first, I thought you meant that paparazzi-stalking the waffle houses of tribeca to find out jon's stroller was a good idea -ed.]

ok, ok - no more comments before 9am or three cups o' coffee.

Nah, I'm not THAT interested in knowing! Sorry, should have specified the comment I was responding to.

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