February 7, 2006

Congratulations, Tracey & Jon Stewart [Again]

The lack of a new Daily Show last night was not a sign that the show had gone into yet another of it's weeklong vacations. Turns out Jon Stewart and his wife Tracey had their baby daughter Saturday night. The...
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FLASH: Ikea High Chair Spotted In Berlin Children's Restaurant

It's not just for Americans anymore. Apparently Europe has fallen head over heels in love with IKEA. Even the US edition of People Magazine has taken notice of the trend. CBB's Danielle reports that an IKEA Antilop high chair...
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JAMA: Moms Get Antidepressants, Babies Get Withdrawal

To my untrained ear, the symptoms of Newborn Abstinence Syndrome sound a lot like the symptoms of Newborn Baby Syndrome: "high-pitched crying, tremors and disturbed sleep." But apparently there's a difference, and new study reveals that NAS has shown up...
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This Is Less Funny After Episode II

See, The Onion thought they were so smart and funny, but now we know that all the kids on the Death Star are Jango Fett clones, so this isn't realistic at all. Hah. Death Star To Open Day Care Center...
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Bronx Zoo: No More Elephants, Just These

Whenever we're in DC, we'll take a walk over to the National Zoo, and it's frankly depressing. The kid loves it, of course [although the hippo freaks her out, so we have a deal not to see him. The pygmy...
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Wow. Macl-- Wow. Maclaren Septuplet Stroller on eBay

If you have septuplets, and some local merchant didn't donate a stroller after you appeared on the 6 o'clock news, you should definitely check this out: a custom [hah, as opposed to what, a standard production?] Maclaren septuplet stroller,...
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Rotavirus & A "Mouther's" Love

First, I'm surprised there's no plush version of the Rotavirus. It's so cute, it seems like a no-brainer for the Giant Microbes folks. But I'm sure they get tired of people telling them how to do their jobs. As I...
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