February 6, 2006

But Bars Are The Perfect Height For Changing A Diaper

Some whiny hipster in Brooklyn [oh, sorry, am I being redundant?] was SO tired of seeing babies in bars, he had to complain about it in the NY Times: "A group of 19-year-olds would be stopped at the door, but no one has the guts to card the really little ones. I blame the law of unintended consequences in this case, the no-smoking movement."

When we took the kid to lunch one day in New Orleans, and the restaurant turned out to be a bar, the guy who drove his Harley through the door after us quickly and politely turned the engine off when he saw the stroller. And the bartender's shirt did have a baby theme, sort of: "Just because you can reproduce doesn't mean you should."

Guy Walks Into A Bar
[nyt via curbed]

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