February 6, 2006

Made How? Who Knew?

Why, I don't know, since there's no branding, and just a handful of Google ads, but the site howmade.com, published by info giant Thomson Gale, has compiled information on the background, development, and manufacturing processes for hundreds of complicated things,...
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But Bars Are The Perfect Height For Changing A Diaper

Some whiny hipster in Brooklyn [oh, sorry, am I being redundant?] was SO tired of seeing babies in bars, he had to complain about it in the NY Times: "A group of 19-year-olds would be stopped at the door, but...
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The Family That Pukes Together

It was like Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Some stomach flu virus went through the whole family, one by one, the last few days, despite our efforts to avoid getting sick. [Big apologies in advance to the folks at the...
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Sakai Stroller, Suitcase In Disguise

Never heard of this Sixties-era collapsible stroller before. It's called the Chummy Dream Stroller, by a company called Sakai. It's pretty pink, and looks like it should come with an equally "portable" hair dryer attachment, but hey. It's only...
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