February 5, 2006

Bolivian Baby Powder

Whew. If it weren't for Jay McInerney's mopey mug, I'd have been the saddest-lookin' dog in the Style section this weekend.

Changin' In The Boys Room [nyt]


Hey, thank for making the world a fairer place, one bathroom at a time! We'll get there someday. Baby steps...

Greg, congrats on the article. Can u please explain what [you think] they mean by "dyed-in-the-cashmere metrosexual" though?

[I think has something to do with my cashmere sweater and my love-hate relationship with the chain stores that, admittedly, provide most of the city's changing tables. That, and the stack of backwaxing/Super Bowl party invites on my desk. -ed.]

"dyed-in-the-cashmere metrosexual"

it seems impossible to just be seen as a dad who is making it look cool without bundling it into a larger commercial driven subculture.

OK- so you have been name-checked in the NYT as area blogging dad and source for all things poop related-- how long until you are officially, like, so over?
And wait til MD's daughter googles him when she gets older and reads the bit about him doing lines in stalls, oopsy, "just say no" is going to be a bit of a hard sell.
Couldn't see the pictures in the online edition though, too bad.

[check out Metrodad's 1/30/05 post. It seems like he and I were just getting back together for our annual "drugs and diapers" discussion. -ed.]

greg- congrats on the article! no picture online though, only a sweet graphic.

[the killer is, they had my picture in a few weeks ago for something totally different, and I looked fine. Except they spelled my name wrong. I'll just shut up and be grateful for the old media love, though. -ed.]

Thanks for my sharing your fifteen minutes. My parent's phone in Detroit hasn't stopped ringing since the early sections were delivered this weekend. -craig "decelerating baby" winkelman. (I can now stop searching 'diaper craig' on nytimes.com)

[lol, obviously the image of a baby lurching headfirst into the toilet was too good for the Times to pass up. congrats. -ed.]

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