February 1, 2006

Big Man Bags Lad Mag For Dad Gig

Brit-in-NY Andy Clerkson, the Editorial Director of Dennis Publishing, and one of the men who brought gear and breasts to mens' attention all across the English-speaking world [thanks, I can't even remember what we obsessed over before Stuff and Maxim came out] is calling it quits, gonna take some serious time off to help with the kid {who's due in February], then they're heading back to the UK. Looks like you can take the boy out of Britain, but you can't take the British sense of entitlement about paternity leave out of the boy.

Good luck, Andy, and be sure to check Daddy Types for our upcoming features, "Hey Kid, I Was Snogging Those!!" and "299 No-Fail Techniques For Bedding Your Babe!"

Clerkson checks out... [wwd via gawker, what, you think I read wwd on my own?]

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