January 30, 2006

M.U.D. [Modded Urban Detour] on eBay UK


Huh. The Urban Detour is an all-,3-wheeled stroller available in the UK through Mothercare. The current model is called the Urban Detour Xtreme, and it's heartily priced at about 265, on sale. I have no opinion, except about the retailer's name and slogan ["Everything for mother and baby"] but I'll deal with them later.

The real story here is this unique older Urban Detour [with wire spoke wheels, not the heftier solid ABS spoke] on eBay UK, which has been "professionally modded" to accommodate a second kid. According to the auction copy, the front wheel has been "reversed" and fixed, and footrests have been added to it, like on a BMX trick bike. With an older kid sitting on front like this, the front wheel can't pivot, only steer in a narrow range. This is apparently accomplished using a bike-like, cable-and-dual lever setup on the handle.

The kids travel "in relative comfort," and they "love it!" [Judging by the pictures, it's certainly comfortable relative to being dragged in a burlap sack. Those kids have definitely outgrown that thing.]

So far, you'll only have to drop 60 quid (40 for the rig and 20 for UK shipping) to find out if your kids'll love it, too. The auction runs until 2 February, 19:27 GMT.

3 wheel 1/2 seater tandem/double pushchair/pram. Unique [ebay uk, via dt reader becster]

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