January 30, 2006

ART: Ministeck Portraits By Norbert Bayer

ministeck_baby.jpgNorbert Bayer, an artist who goes by the potentially [you'd think] pigeonholing name Mister Ministeck, creates works out of Ministeck, a plastic mosaic toy that's like the secret German love child of Legos and LiteBrites. Bayer's work has been praised for its pixellated style, which lends itself to video game and CG imagery, but he also creates custom portraits. Some of his children's portraits can be seen at Artgames, an exhibition which just opened at the Art Center in Aachen, Germany.

According to his webstore, portraits start from EUR50 and vary depending on size (and, presumably, complexity). Not that I'd presume to tell an artist how to do his work, but I'd be interested in seeing what a photo translated into classic pixel graphics then translated into Ministeck looked like. As if the kid were actually in Sonic The Hedgehog. Just a thought.

Mister Ministeck portraits [misterministeck.com]
Bayer in Artgames [wmmna's flickr stream]
Regine reports: ArtGames, Part 1 [we-make-money-not-art]
Competition? Lego's Brick-O-Lizer software and custom kit ordering lets you make Lego mosaic portraits your own dang self. IF you can find it.

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