January 28, 2006

One Step Ahead, Three Steps Back

The new One Step Ahead catalog arrived this week; it intersperses some basic gear with lots of SkyMall-type solutions for problems you didn't know you had. One problem jumped out at me, though, right on page 3. What're the odds, I thought, and so I started flipping systematically.

On the second to last page, One Step Ahead dodged the bullet; there was a picture of a safety gate and a dad carrying a baby upstairs. Except for him the only other man in the entire catalog is modeling a harness for hauling a carseat through the airport.


You know, I hadn't noticed until I read it on the blog. Then I went and counted in my own "One Step Ahead" catalogue. 32 moms, 2 dads. That's not counting all the pictures where all you can see in mom's hand.

My favorite pictures are on pages 44-45 where they've set up gates and locked the dog and kids on the same side with no parents around. Very safe!

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