January 27, 2006

Marc Anthony's New GIG

gig_flanker.gifHere's a report from MSNBC: Marc Anthony "was at Fred Segal [on Melrose Ave. in Los Angeles] last week and bought a Guys Infant Gear diaper bag for $120. He said something that made it pretty clear that it wasnt a gift that he intended to use it but I dont want to repeat it or hell know who talked to you."

Fortunately, by mentioning the brand, the price and the store name, Anthony won't know if if it's the store's publicist or the bag company's. That is so sly.

GIG, of course, was founded by a dad who wasn't too happy that, as he put it, "97% of baby products are made for women." I hear ya, brah.] GIG's messenger and backpack diaper bags have as much use for style as a third-round draft pick has for those last three credits of english lit. But just in case a no-nonsense look isn't enough, every aspect of the bags' functionality is described in sports teminology. [e.g. messenger bag = The Flanker, backpack = The Tailback.]

Sounds a little zone defensive to me, but if talking about "end zones" and wearing a beerhat gets you more involved with the kid, I'm all for it. And if you've been reduced to a whipped, cowering spermgun by your Diva Latina wife, and you're clamoring for any sign--no matter how tangential--of a world where men are still in charge, well, that's fine, too.

Is J. Lo about to be Mommy from the Block?
[msnbc via cbb]
J. Lo: Um, how can I put this? NO.
Guys' Infant Gear, any color as long as it's black. Also, neither is $120. Hmm.

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