January 26, 2006

Wow, Rare Kid-sized Eames Chairs On eBay

mini_eames_red.JPG mini_eames_green.JPG

Did I mention he was an eBay shark? DT reader Andy clearly has the right "save to my favorite searches" settings. Witness these two auctions for kid-sized Eames shell chairs, including an RAR rocker, which are on right now and end Sunday night.

The veteran mid-century seller explains that they appear handmade, or at least hand-finished, and he speculates that they're either vintage salesman models or were done for a tradeshow or a display or something. The chairs are each 20 inches high and 17 inches across.

In any case, they're the kind of thing caveat emptor was invented for, since the combination of eBay and Eamesian oddities pushes traditional mid-century pricing expectations out the window. They could go for $250 or $2,500, who knows? But Andy left the Herman Miller shark tank to some bigger fish, and me, since granddad dropped the sweet enamelled chair on the kid for Christmas, I'm fine just watching from the shore.

The regular armchair is red, and the RAR is olive green. Definitely worth a look.

[update: the red chair sold for $382, and the rocker sold for $577.]

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