January 25, 2006

Don't Eat the Pictures: Muppets Take The Metropolitan Museum

sesame_metmuseum.jpgThis visit of the Sesame Street gang to the Metropolitan Museum was a little after my time, frankly, but it's got rocking reviews from people who were in the demo when it was shown on TV in the mid-80's. Fortunately, though, it was before Elmo's.

Whether your kid becomes an Egyptologist like every person who reviewed it on Amazon, this video will help prepare your kid for the day when when she decides to load up her pockets with loose change, take the train into the city, walk the 40 blocks from Grand Central, and move into the Met at night while discovering Michelangelos in the daytime.

Not surprisingly, it's only available on VHS. The Museum store has new copies for like $14, at least ten bucks cheaper than Amazon
From The Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler does not come in a boardbook edition.

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I bought FTMUFOMBEF for my wife's little cousin a few years ago, and before actually giving it to her I sat on the couch and read through the whole thing in one sitting, what a Proustian madeleine that read was. All of a sudden I remembered what it was like to be ten and actually want to run away to Manhattan and eat every meal out at an automat and sleep in Marie Antoinette's bed and solve international art mysteries. Thanks for reminding me of it again.

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