January 25, 2006

David Sedaris, "Baby Einstein," & Gettin' The Alphabet Pal To Swear

Victoria writes at de stijl about their experiments getting the Leapfrog Alphabet Pal to swear. Which, of course, was a highlight of "Baby Einstein," an essay in David Sedaris's Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim about his brother becoming...
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Mary Blair Golden Book Scans

Considered one of the most influential artists at Disney, who was credited with the creation of "It's A Small World," Mary Blair's illustration work is apparently quite scarce. Particularly the giant-sized Golden Book of Little Verses which...oh, wait, there's one...
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A Baby Walks Into A Conference Room

Dilbert had two versions of yesterday's baby-and-breasts strip: one for nervous editors, and one for online. Personally, I think the nervous one's funnier. Jet Lagged Baby [the dilbert blog via dt reader cam]...
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[I Don't Care If] It's Fun To Nurse At The YMCA

Gotta say, given all the rules posted around the pool which we're all expected to live by, a woman nursing poolside is iffy for me. A woman nursing IN the pool is not. We started the kid on some swim...
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La Machine A Caca, aka Monsieur Hanky

Breastmilk isn't one of the options, but bananas are. And while it's not set up to allow input of only bananas, any potassium-bingeing athlete or parent of an 8-month-old knows the result. La Machine a Caca is a flash...
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Don't Eat the Pictures: Muppets Take The Metropolitan Museum

This visit of the Sesame Street gang to the Metropolitan Museum was a little after my time, frankly, but it's got rocking reviews from people who were in the demo when it was shown on TV in the mid-80's. Fortunately,...
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Sesame Street Needs More Pointer Sisters

So what if it's too fast to really teach a kid to count to twelve? Maybe she'll learn some of the groove and rhythm that she did NOT inherit from her father. Either way, watching The Pointer Sisters' "Pinball...
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