January 24, 2006

Josh Selig: The Longterm Effects Of Being On Sesame Street As A Kid

So I'm reading Gothamist's interview with Josh Selig, where he talks about how being on Sesame Street [or "The Street," as the show's alumni call it. No, I kid. I have no idea.] as a child warped him forever. Actually, all it did was turn him into a pre-school kids' TV producer.

He says all the right things, interesting, noble, entertaining blah blah--then it turns out his company produces Oobi. And now I must hate him. Too bad, because he seemed like a nice guy.

Josh Selig, Little Airplane Productions [gothamist]
Little Airplane Productions is producing some song-heavy series for Nick Jr. called Wonder Pets, which debuts on March 3rd. [littleairplane.com]
Previously: Oobi drive nail in daddy's brain


Aha! The missing link between the horrible speech patterns of Baby Bear on Sesame Street and Oobi.

Oobi is great for speech-delayed kids (like mine), since it models simple sentence formation and word acquisition in the exact ways that speech and language pathologists recommend and model. It's like an extra therapy session for my son.

Not sure how I will feel about it once he moves on to more complex syntax and pronoun usage, though...

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