January 19, 2006

John Deere Rocker [and Stuff. LOTS of Stuff.]


So far, I haven't seen any of the JD bras or burial urns that John Deere megadealer Run Green mentioned on their site.

But they DO have a plain white one-piece with the Deere logo on it, And they have just about all the Deere bedding you'd ever need. And JD sippy cups. And bottles. And bibs. And infant-sized denim jackets.

And they have this green-as-springtime JD slat rocking chair, too, for only $130. Awesome.

John Deere kid's clothing and gear [rungreen.com]
John Deere Slat Rocker, $129.99 [rungreen.com]
previously: And yet, I want to see MORE John Deere baby gear

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