January 19, 2006

Houston Car Chase: Can Your Carseat Do THIS?

houston_carchase-carseat.jpgAn utter a**hole--I'm sure it's just a coincidence that he was driving a 3-series-- leads Houston police on an hour-plus-long car chase at speeds over 100 mph. When he hits traffic, he heads the wrong way down an on-ramp and plows into another car. Which happens to have a baby in a car seat in the back. And all of Houston got to watch the kid getting pulled out, unharmed, in her Graco SnugRide carseat.

I wonder if there's a miracle-manufacturing PR somewhere deep inside the Baby Industrial Complex whose specialty is car crashes and building collapses. Also amazing: that he could drive for an hour on Houston freeways without getting stuck in traffic. Oh, and I hope you reset your TiVo's because the chase bumped General Hospital to 1:40 AM. This may happen all the time in LA, but it's breaking news in Houston. I'm sure you understand.

Wild chase comes to crash ending, with video [abc13.com via dt reader kiino]
The Graco SnugRide is $79.99 at Target/Amazon [amazon]


I still would not buy a car seat that "Clicks in" even after watching the video. I would give the car more 'props' than the car seat.

Either way I am glad the kid was safe in the crash, but not safe from the family it was born into.

[?? for buying a base/carseat? -ed.]

Michael G: What? Not understanding you. The Graco Snugride is top rated by Consumer Reports for safety, no? It was also recommended to me by the Car Seat Lady in NYC.

How did the driver of the car with the baby endanger its life? She was driving along minding her own business and along comes a maniac going 100mph the wrong way; how is she somehow a danger to her baby?

I think Michael misread your post and thought the guy leading the chase had the kid in the car seat, or he's beligerant towards people that buy Graco's (myself being one of them).

The guy driving the BMW is a moron but I really have to wonder how he drove anywhere in town for an hour at 100 MPH. My wife did tell me that they were asking people to avoid the main highway that he was on, so that may have helped keep him going longer.

[good point. and I'm just parroting the 100mph figure to help boost ratings for the TV station. -ed]

Actually, as far as it being 'breaking news,' that's rather false. I am a native Houstonian and while I did sit down and watch a bit before I had to leave and go get into traffic myself that's just because I hold a certain fondess for the idiocy that one must posess to do such a thing.

I was more impressed with the guy about four months ago who used his blinker everytime he made a turn OR changed lanes. I mean, he even slowed down to let his accomplice roll out to safety. Talk about a gentleman.

p.s. I'm sure that it's also just a coincidence that in addition to the fact that he was driving a 3-Series, the reason for the chase in the first place is because the police were responding to a domestic disturbance call between the suspect and his wife/girlfriend. I'm sure he's a lovely man once you get to know him.

[yeah, she just really pissed him off, you know? He's really sorry, baby. -ed.]

Wow, people really do read other peoples post. Go figure.

Yes I did misread the post. (this incident was not on my TIVO so I did not know about it), as the kids would say 'My Bad"

My California Highway Patrol (Ponch)did not recommend the "click in types" of car seat. they recommended the 'convertible" types because it is ONE piece strapped to the car. I went by my recommendations and not the car seat lady in NYC. If I sounded like I 'beligerant' towards 'click in' car seat owners, then that was misread/or the tone of my post was not read correctly. (maybe because you own one and automatically got defensive.) Either way, we all try to do what is best for our kids and the choices we make are only wrong when something goes bad. Luckly this one went right. What car was the lady driving, that one protected the kid too.

As for the Highway incident. GET OUT OF THE FAST LANE. It is reserved for a-holes driving faster than normal people.

As far as it being breaking news...thats exactly what it was. Every local channel broke into live coverage of the chase. Im more upset now that the one HPD officer has been repumanded for his public dowsing of the dept. Get over it HPD. You did, overpursue this guy and therefore resulted into the head on. If you would of just backed off the chase, it would of been avoided. Besides, like HPD said, they had his plates. Where is he gonna go anyhow. Back off, let him think he got away. Go to his house or work and get him there. Amazing idea isnt it HPD?

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