January 18, 2006

Pokemon Made Out Of Cheese.


Are you looking to trade a problem with getting the kid to eat cheese for a problem with him obsessing over Pokemon? Because after comprehensive much some testing, Alan Turner has determined that two cheeses on opposite ends of the snootiness spectrum--Velveeta and brie--make the most attractive Pikachu-shaped hors d'oeuvres.

Personally, the kid's preference for Gruyere over string cheese has already raised some eyebrows around my mother's, so I think we'll pass on this one.
Title: Pikachu Hors d'oeuvres [well via metafilter]
The Pokemon Playdoh Set, aka the Play-Doh Pokemon Character Maker, may turn up used on Amazon. [amazon]
There's one on ebay. [amazon]


Brilliant! I think at our next house party, I'm going to serve terrines of foie gras in the shape of Care Bears. Maybe also throw in some a little Camembert Elmo as well.

I cannot TELL you how much I would personally enjoy biting Elmo's head off.

It never ceases to amaze me the different preferences different babies will have for food... our kid at 12 months would eat her body weight in cheddar if you let her... she especially likes it grated then rolled into little marble-size balls...

Of course, my theory is just that she likes to have it to counterbalance the taste of her other favorite food, green olives... :)

[I've started pinching cheddar into cheese mountains. Seems to do the trick. -ed.]

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