January 18, 2006

Man Overboard At Maclaren

uhoh_flags.JPGNever mind that I love our Volo, and that there are plenty of strollers that are totally pushable by both dads and moms. But whether it's the forced, gender-coded, fashion vs. function showdown of their Kate Spade {&c.] models, or the poetically mothers-only vision of Philippe Starck, Maclaren's not sending out a lot of dad-love these days.

Even so, maybe I'm being over-analytical [or over-sensitive] when I look into the "sailing flag theme" on the 2006 Triumphs and find out that the sailing flag design--a square bisected into two triangles--is the same as the letter "O"--which means "man overboard." Of course, the colors are different, and the flags are also used to do in semaphore. Which is, of course, the use of flags to convey important messages.

2006 Maclaren Triumph [maclarenbaby.com]

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