January 17, 2006

No, The Other L Word

I don't know where the line is when it comes to naming a baby after a tv character, but my gut tells me that "Labia Majora" is waayy on the other side of it. That's a/the baby's name on The L Word.

Meanwhile, with such an illustrious name to her credit, let's hope little Lola Hollowell's acting career will be more like Honor Blackman's and less like Lana Wood's. [huh. Who is Natalie's sister and still can't get decent work.]

L is for Lola [cbb]

[update: uh, yeah. turns out the episode was called "Labia Majora," NOT the baby. So you now have even LESS justification for using it as a baby name. ]


I think you mis-read the entry on CBB. The name of the episode of the show was Labia Majora. Makes much more sense, no?

[oh. never mind, then. -ed.]

Just because it didn't happen on TV doesn't mean that it doesn't happen. I grew up in Berkeley, and knew two sisters named Placenta and Vagina.

[Berkeley, huh? I think that explains it. -ed.]

What you talkin' bout Lana Wood not getting good work? Satan's Mistress? Captain America? Speedtrap? We have FAR different ideas of what "good work" is.

Or at least, she's still breathing.

[ouch. at least you avoided a "this Wood floats" joke... -ed.]

Honest to god! when I was in Cleveland one of my regular patients was named Meconium Jones.

PS I also had another named Marshmellow (spelled as written)

[Was Eddie Murphy in that? I think I saw in on the plane. -ed.]

Oh and btw, Marshmellows last name was Alphabet. (No. He did not have 25 siblings..)

[was this northern california, by chance? -ed.]

Nope, Cleveland. We actually kept a running log of real patient names.Priceless.

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