January 14, 2006

Chrome-Plated Zen Koan: Passat Individual

vw_passats.jpgIt's a sign of German VW execs still not getting the US market, a subversive sense of irony in the branding department, or an ostensibly impossible mind game that leads to enlightenment, take your pick. The name for the new deluxe trim package is the VW Passat "Individual."

There's chrome and special, enhanced "dark chrome,"; 18-inch painted/chromed wheels, and two-tone leather interior accents. But the main thing about the "Individual" is that everyone with an extra $1,500 is gonna get it.

[That said, I finally saw my first new Passat wagon yesterday, and it looks just fine. More Saab than Audi, though.]

Individuality For the Masses: New Passat Package [jalopnik, german car blog, and vwvortex]


The new Passat wagon is nice. But "dark chrome," come on.

I believe that BMW has an "Individual" program, though not in the USA. It allows custom options (colors, materials, etc) for a price. I understand it's not available in the USA because car buyers in the USA are under no obligation to purchase an ordered car. So theoretically I could order a pink car and then when it arrives at the dealer decide not to buy it.

Funny that it's also called "Individual", though. Not funny if you're BMW, I guess.

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