January 13, 2006

Open-Source Geek Designs On Trademark Onesies


It was a DIY Christmas around the Woodchick house this year; they're expecting a baby, so [Mrs?] Woodchick embroidered up some Onesie-brand bodysu--dammit, for once, they're really Onesies. for their pending arrival. There's a perl script, "cutie pi" [is someone making one for Darren Aronofsky?], a vintage Mac, "yo quiero Taco Bell" [awesome, btw. I really miss those pre-Paris Hilton days, when chihuahuas were looked up to as role models, not pitied and made fun of behind their tiny, shivering backs. ]--and this one, which is part of a set; Daddy Woodchick's shirt reads, "I'm blogging this."

Woodchick's Geeky Onesies [craftster via make]
Mr Woodchick's post: Geeky Onesies A Hit! [pwrdot.org]

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Wow! I thought this was a cute, cheap, gag gift for my husband...I had no idea that it was get spread around the internet like this :) I'm flattered.

Here's the link to Peter's post about them at our site, World Wide Wood

[it's the zeitgeist, Mrs Wood(chick). It's been a diy geek Onesie-palooza around here the last couple of months. -ed.]

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