January 12, 2006

Help Us, Indigo Children, You're Our Only Hope.

mystique.jpgApparently, there are these children with extraordinary abilities who represent an remarkable shift in human evolution, and they're misunderstood, hounded, and persecuted by the mainstream culture? These kids could use a sweet private school in Westchester and unlimited access to top secret technology. Instead, they're getting home schooling and DV documentaries advertised on the community bulletin board in the local crystal shop.

You know what'd bump this up a notch? Launch a campaign to teach Indigo Childrenism in science classes as a possible explanation for the huge gaps in Darwinist theory. All's I know is, we'd better do something before Mystique finds out, and enlists them all in a Secret Brotherhood of some kind.

Are They Here to Save the World? [nyt]


Wow. I think someone's read "Childhood's End" a few too many times.

Still - the story kinda made me sad. Kids with ADHD have a rough time of it, as do their parents. Tuchman's empathy was a nice contrast to the sterile comments we hear from so many experts. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to the nearest rooftop to proclaim my love for Katie.

[no kidding. those medprof quotes made me want to root for the aura people, which, frankly shocked me. -ed.]

I must just be a hardass, because I read it and thought, "Give me a break!"

Yeesh. So Indigos don't do well in school. Fast forward that 20 years and see how well they'll do in college, or, *horrors* in a typical office environment.

Sad. Sad.

But what do you expect in a society where "one American in five believes he or she has been reincarnated; 40 percent believe in ghosts; 68 percent believe in angels."

[I need to see a Venn diagram of this, because I thought 80% believed in biblical creationism, too. It just don't add up. -ed.]

Glad. Glad. that i live in above-stated society! hey, dont' knock other people's religions.....ghost hater!! :)

No one can really understand what an Indigo child feels unless they are Indigo to. After 22 very hard years I found out I was an indigo and I know that they need so much love. Not anger.

Support your Indigo Child they have alot to give.

[glad to hear it, and I'm sure that kids who are different somehow get more grief from parents, but what child does NOT "need so much love, not anger?" -ed.]

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