January 12, 2006

Celebrity Baby Rolls A Radio Flyer Walker


from mathowie's photostream [flickr, where dad of other celebrity baby, who ALSO got the Radio Flyer, mentioned that an earlier production of the Radio Flyer Classic Walker was recalled to fix "tips on the clickers," whatever that means.]
The Radio Flyer Walker is $70 at backtobasicstoys.com]


My baby got the wagon for Christmas based almost solely on celebrity baby Odin Snowdeal's endorsement. Now am trying to sell my husband on starting toilet training with our fifteen month old, also based solely on the fact that Odin's doing it...

[no one can resist Odin's godlike powers... -ed.]

you know - the tips of the clickers that do the clickety-clicking!

i should have odin's people contact radio flyer's people - i had no idea the unpaid product placements were so effective :-)

the potty is, er, going great! i'm still stupified that it's been so successful. but ultimately every kid is different ( i know, !newsflash! ) so your mileage may vary.

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