January 12, 2006

Activist Judge Condemns Unborn To Hell[ish Commute]

A Godless, activist judge has ruled that a fetus is not a person--for purposes of using the carpool lane, anyway.

While fetuses and blow-up dolls are being oppressed, . Who do the liberals running our coutry consider a "person"? Hookers, hippies and dogs. [ok, fine. And kids. But still.]

We'll see what Alito has to say about it in a few months, pinko.

Judge: Baby on board is no excuse. Pregnant woman claimed she was driving for two [cnn via tmn]


Dang! I'm a Catholic, and I've been driving in the carpool lanes because I have the little guys that are able to one day become life. I thought this was okay!

Darn activist judges .. why do they have to go and do things like make judgements...

[yeah Rod Stewart's wife made the same argument. nice. -ed.]

Well, the analytical side of me doesn't know that a pregnant mother should be allowed to use the carpool lane, legally. I mean, the purpose of carpool lanes is to reduce traffic by rewarding drivers who share a vehicle. Two cars on the road become one.

What are the odds of an unborn child driving itself to work? Slim to none. So, part of me thinks this woman was abusing the carpool lane.

However, the realist in me knows that pregnant women should be extended every courtesy, and - if my wife was any indication - sometimes pregnant women need to arrive at their destination as quickly as possible.

Plus, one could also argue for the health benefits of pregnant women using the carpool lanes. Having commuted in Southern California for two years, I know how stressful traffic can be. More stress is the last thing an unborn child and her mother needs.

Well, that is the idea behind carpool lanes, but it is impossible to enforce - you'd have to stop every car to see if they were two commuters who would otherwise be taking separate cars, or just a husband and wife who would be travelling together anyhow. They need to purposely make it generic (two people in a car).

Therefore, *if* you are going to argue that a fetus is a person, you could make an argument that there were two people in that car.

[according to the ticketing officer, while it's less common than "a dummy in the car," pregnant women try that line of reasoning pretty regularly. -ed.]

Hate to post so many messages but...

If I had to guess, a majority of these women are probably making a political statement rather than trying to scam the carpool lanes...

[really? I'd think they're just playing for sympathy/talking their way out of a ticket. After all, isn't that what usually happens? heh -ed.]

For all our sakes, let's just accept this ruling, so as not to set a precedent that a fetus is a person and have women lose all rights of choice in this country. If pregnant women need to drive in the car-pool lane, let's allow them to get a special sticker that would be issued for 9 months that would allow them an exception to the carpool rule.

Okay. Let's see. Officer getting ready for duty. "Kevlar vest, check" "Gun, check" "Flashlight, check" "Breathalyzer, check" "Home Pregancy Test, check"

,,,,"step out of the car please ma'am"....

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