January 11, 2006

Ziko Frankie Goes To Hollywood


UK baby giant Mamas & Papas is both a retailer and a product company, and though they were founded by parents 25 years ago who couldn't find well-designed, high-quality baby gear then [What is this, people, just the latest incarnation of The Matrix?], their stuff looks pretty mainstream and conventional.

And actually, if you strip away the footmuff with the giant handprint or the Japanese T-shirt-sounding slogan ["I want chocolate and a toy."]--and the cartoon owl in the corner waving "Pic me. Pic me." in a slightly redrum-redrummy voice--the Ziko Frankie stroller is a pretty conventional stroller.

Launched in August, the Mamas & Papas private label brand looks comparable to--almost cloned, even--the Maclaren Techno, with an umbrella-style aluminum frame and fully reclining padded seat. With upgraded hardware, more concept-y colors ["mushy peas, bubblegum, liquorice"], a color-coordinated manpurse, and the edgy branding, It's like a Maclaren with a metrosexual makeover.

And if that floats your boat, then listen to the owl and pick one for 150 [ziko.com via dt reader james]


um, greg? Their strollers have been made by Peg Perego for years...

[I'm just saying it LOOKS like a Mac. The closest Peg Perego design is probably the Pliko Lite, but it's not even close. -ed.]

ah... I was surprised, it seemed to me like you didn't know because you referred to their stuff looking pretty mainstream & conventional. You usually know much more about all the gear manufacturers than pretty much anyone else, so it would've been weird if you didn't know that Mammas & Pappas strollers = Peg Perego. This new stroller *is* edgier looking, maybe they wanted to try competing w/ the Volo or Qwest.

Carry on, then...

[to be honest, I'd never heard of Zigo until James mentioned them, though, and to me, Mac= conventional, and Peg even moreso. And so I probably don't pay as much attn as I should. -ed.]

That stroller is actually the i'coo Pluto. It is identical.

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