January 10, 2006

Another 'Puter Movie: "Flickr"


There's a small town in the mountains,
where the streets are wide and still.
There are children making angels in the snow.
A sunset paints the sky at night.
An old man paints by candlelight.
A tiny baby smiles and waves 'hello'

The real strength of Jonathan Coulter's song & video "Flickr" is that is sounds and looks so damn familiar, you think you know where it's going. And you will be proven hilariously wrong.

The song was created using Creative Commons license photos, and the kid and I go through it like a book. So far, do good; she's made no mention of herpes at all.

Flickr by Jonathan Coulton [google video]

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Jon Coulton is a genius (and, okay, an old college friend whom I am always happy to promote). For sheer cognitive dissonance hilarity, check out his folk-song version of "Baby Got Back." Also check out "First of May," one of his older tunes, but do NOT play it around your kids. You have been warned.

[yeah, rhyming "brush the ants off" with "take each other's pants off" doesn't begin to prepare you... -ed.]

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