January 8, 2006

DT Category Feeds Born 01/08

I've been tweaking on the site a bit, and I'm testing out category-level feeds to see what the response is. Click on the little icons next to each category you'd like to subscribe to, and new posts will go directly to your newsreader, aggregator, My Yahoo, My AOL, browser sidebar, wherever you like. The latest place I've been getting headlines is the Web Clip bar on top of my gmail account.

[Another option for adding category feeds: copy the category link you want, and then change the file extension at the end from .php to .xml. The full daddytypes.com feeds are still available, too]

What does all this mean? If youre a just-give-me-strollers-strollers-all-the-time kind of guy, you can cut out all the extraneous discussion of an actual kid and whatnot and just focus on the rigs. And good luck with that.

1 Comment

That's a great idea - how about a "HowTo"?

[you mean a howto category? Or a 'howto create feeds by category"? the first is an interesting suggestion, thanks. the second: start with one weekend. Now kill it... -ed.]

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