January 6, 2006

Nipple+Venus Flytrap = Keep-it-Kleen Pacifier

keep_it_kleen.jpgFor the first year or so, when a pacifier gets dirty, you boil pacifiers or throw them in the dishwasher. Then at some point, you will find yourself out and about with only one pacifier between you and a melted down kid. And when that pacifier drops on the ground, you will find yourself cleaning it by a) wiping it on your pants a bit, or b) picking off any visible crud, then popping it in our own mouth for a rinse. I'll bet you a dollar.

Given this reality, a pacifier that snaps shut over the nipple in mid-fall, like a benevolent venus flytrap, should benefit everyone, not just the Monk-like OCD germophobes out there. The Keep-it-Kleen Pacifier TM happens to be such a pacifier. It's made by RaZbaby, a parent-founded company whose original product was a hands-free, chillable teething soother shaped and textured like a raspberry. Just don't let KIK's be an excuse to stop boiling those things every once in a while, the way Swiffers have kept you from actually mopping the floor for a year.

Keep-it-Kleen Pacifiers come in ladybug or bumblebee, pink or blue [...] for $5.95, making it, what, the Bugaboo of pacifiers? [razbaby.com, via dt reader cynicaldad, whose daughter--apropos of nothing--made up an inadvertently raunchy song about Frosty and Rudolph. thumpity thump thump indeed.]

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When I was pregnant I saw these and thought they were a "must-have." We have dogs, one who sheds, and I was worried about dog hair attaching to the nipple.

And then Fuller was born. The 0-6 month size is fine, but when you are driving and trying to reopen and pop that paci back in his mouth, it isn't very easy. When the baby learns how to put the paci in his own mouth, that is a wonderful day. If you are using this kind of paci that wonderful day may be delayed until the kid can figure out how to reopen the paci.

Add those disadvantages to the cost and I didn't purchase any more. I mean, what's a couple of dog hairs? He got plenty of those when he was learning how to crawl.

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