January 5, 2006

Train Your Kids To Eat Right, They'll Practically Take Care Of Themselves

healthy_choice.jpgA Bay Area dad and stepmother left two boys, ages 5 and 10 home alone while they flew to Las Vegas for New Year's. Apparently, the dad had asked Grandma to babysit, but she said she was too busy. Not too busy to narc on her son to police, apparently:including Salisbury steak and chicken with rice -- warmed in a microwave.Why not stock up on delicious Healthy Choice meals before YOUR next weekend getaway? [peapod.com]
2 kids left at home -- couple arrested: San Ramon police say dad, stepmother partied in Las Vegas [sfgate.com, via dt reader ponch]


This was covered in our local paper. The parents did take the time to find a sitter for the new puppies. The nine year old said that he felt that they loved the dogs more. It was horrible. My son has autism, is very high functioning, and almost 13. But I won't leave him home long enough to walk around the corner to pick up his brother from school.

hey, when Napoleon Dynamite's lesbian grandmother left him alone with Uncle Rico for a week of dune buggy ridin', he managed to get pedro elected AND his kid brother hooked up on the internet with a foxy black chick. nobody complained about that.

[that was a chick? -ed.]

It's great to put things in perspective. I feel bad leaving my dog home alone. I should invite Uncle Rico over.

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