January 5, 2006

How Many Little People?: Male Home Fertility Test Looks Like Fisher Price

fertell.jpgAnd in other How's Your Sperm Doin'? news, a British company has developed the first male home fertility test [that doesn't involve someone else peeing on a stick a few weeks later], which will go on sale this month.

It looks pretty self-explanatory, but if there are questions...

Oh right. It's called Fertell.

No, it's for men. But it IS sold together with a female fertility test.

Well, to them, I'm sure it's quite virile-sounding. There is no 'e' at the end.

I don't know, maybe it's the whole public school thing.

No, I don't know why it looks like a Fisher Price playset. Maybe you're supposed to leave it on the living room floor when you're done with it.

Yes, in collaboration with the University of Birmingham.

Not sure. Something about a filter that "functions like a synthetic cervix."

Um, no thanks, you're on your own. Two posts like this in one day really wiped me out. I'm not 19 any more, you know.

First Male Fertility Home Test Set For Launch
[bham.ac.uk via engadget, thanks dt reader christy]
Fertell home fertility test for men and women [fertell.co.uk]

1 Comment

totally looks like a little potty trainer from fisher price.

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