December 29, 2005

What I Like Best: No Elmo

Just as we'd been making progress on pronouns [how do you explain "I," "me," and "you" to someone totally new to the concept? It's tricky.] we were introduced, thanks to a presumably well-meaning gift in the mail from a dear family friend, to the cult of Elmo.

So the Red Menace's absence only makes this All New Sesame Street even more enjoyable. [stevetastic via kottke]


Now that is a Sesame I would watch. I miss the old ones, and rumor hads it that US TV has some Elmo-free sketches. Is this true?

If you think pronouns are difficult, just wait for the concept of "he" and "she". Apparently, this week all people are "she" and all animals are "he"

Seen Avenue Q?

[good call. no, but I know it. And every other cab we saw at the Las Vegas airport was covered in orange fur as an advertisement for it. -ed.]

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