December 28, 2005

Hugh Jackman Bags Babe, Is Stud


Hugh Jackman's kid Ava Eliot is 5 months old, which, in Australia, is old enough to wear a kitchen garbage bag made out of fleece. [If any Australians out there could stop gnawing on their placentas long enough to let me know what that thing is, I'll post it here.]

Meanwhile, the sound you hear is the husbands of ten thousand pregnant women who just bought Baby Bjorns, all hustling off to the gym.

Hugh Jackman rocks the Bjorn and the kids [people via cbb]
buy a baby bjorn at amazon, guns not included, $79.99 [amazon]


Did Daddy Types become Us magazine while I was away for the holidays?

[yeah, I didn't take enough reading material on the Christmas trip. -ed.]

Umm.. isn't that just a blanket tucked around the kid carrier? he seems to be holding two corners at the top of the kids head. The white thing looks like a face cloth.

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