December 19, 2005

I.D. Mag's Intriguing Baby Products Of 2005

kids_rock.jpgI was doing a last-minute Christmas gift run at Barnes & Noble, and so I stopped to read me some free magazines, including I.D. [Now, I like I.D., but most major designers--and hence, design media--aggressively ignore baby-related products, so I've mostly tuned them out lately. I.D does get kudos for having Kid-o's Lisa Mahar is a sometime competition juror and contributor, though. So I'll buy one in 2006.]

I.D.'s cover story is "Products That Intrigued Us in 2005" or some such, which has some kid-related products scattered throughout their categories. [the December issue isn't mentioned on their website yet.] Here's what I could remember [I draw the line at taking notes or parking in the cafe to actually read. please, people]:

  • The Orbit Baby System, which is cleaning up on all kinds of design-related attention these days. [Cookie Magazine gave it the highest praise they know... "Best Suburban Ride."]
  • The Bugaboo-By was called "irresistibly cute," which may be an upbeat way to say, "those cartoon eyes follow you wherever you go."
  • ducduc's dylan collection--that's the chunky sweet modular one that costs $6,000, with the bonding bench and what not--got a nice shoutout, too, as it should.
  • The Kids-Rock rocking chair [pictured here] by Alexander Taylor was new to me, and I think it looks great. The seat is non-slip rubber. The price - 195 - is pretty gutsy; the colors - pink, blue, yellow, lime green-unfortunately, are not. Check it out at Thorsten Van Elten.
  • Also new to me: Design Wall, a Dutch wallpaper company that tailors their all-over designs to fit your wall dimensions. Great if you like arts&crafts patterns--combined with giant silhouettes of birds.
  • There was a great biomorphic modernist kid's table and chair out of birch ply that I know...I just forgot whose it is...gimme a minute... Of course, Peep, by Kapow Design. I hope Charley's figured out a way to make and sell those pieces, they're really nice. Bonus: He also made Bjork's bed.

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    WAIT JUST A MINUTE! "Last minute gift run"?


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