December 19, 2005

"I Put A Baby In You," by Boston Rocker [sic] Robby Roadsteamer

roadsteamer.JPGImagine if Ben Affleck never left home, but instead became a funny, cranky, impertinent local rocker, railing against uptight Bostonians who use words like "impertinent." When describing his music, Robby Roadsteamer makes references to showmen like Aerosmith, the Cars, and "Gordon Lightfoot meets Stryper."

The opening of Roadsteamer's latest song goes like this:

This song is about girls, and their dreams.
Girls are like beautiful butterflies, floating through life.
One week they wanna be a photographer.
Next week they wanna be an artist.
But thereís one thing we can do to clip the wings of those dreams... this song is called "I Put a Baby in You."
Classy. You can watch the video, read a Boston Phoenix interview, or check out Roadsteamer's own site. [via antville]

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