December 16, 2005

Hold The Phone, I Just Clicked On A Gmail Ad


Now, I know there are a few people out there who click through the ads that appear on Daddy Types, and I must say, I'm always grateful. I hope they're useful and informative and add to whatever value the site provides you.

But myself, I'm not really one of those Google Ad-clicking types. Except that I just saw an ad on the top of my gmail page for Ralph Lauren Baby, and I'm like--how'd they know??--so I clicked on it. And boy, I'm glad I did.

There's infant cashmere, polar toddler boots, and a section called "Create Your Own Baby Polo," which turns out to mean monogramming, not eugenics.

Apparently, you can shop up until 12/21 for "holiday delivery," although whether that means Christmas or Hannukah, you can never tell with Ralph. I guess that's his genius.

Even if you don't buy one--they're 150 bucks, yo--check out the pull-down menu on the unisex infant cashmere cable sweater to discover spring's 15 "most essential hues." []


Luckily, Christmas and Hannukah delivery are the same thing this year. :)

Someone gave the kid that very sweater last year, and it is suh-weet. Had no idea that it was $150, though - must remember not to let him wear it when he's eating...or outside playing...or, well, ever.

[pink is definitely for boys--if it's polo. -ed.]

Oh yeah. I'll be running out to snag a few $150 sweaters for the boy right after I spend $250 on an artsy plastic chair.

Funny how the things one can't afford become ridiculous. It must be some sort of defense mechanism akin to blocking out memories. Like that, I find it useful.

It's a sliding scale, so everyone can play.

[the easiest thing to do is to get richer friends. A few months before the kid was born--and before this site was even a twinkle in my eye, otherwise I'd have grabbed a picture--I went into the Polo Baby store on Madison. They had a $395 hand-beaded, fringed buckskin jacket. for a baby. It was the awesomest, most ridiculous thing ever, more than the Gucci mink baby coat, because it was obviously actually meant to be bought, while the Gucci one seemed like a publicity stunt. You're right, this is fun to play. -ed.]

Two things: we got the orange one, not the pink (not that there's anything wrong with pink - it's a bit too John Hughes-era James Spader for my tastes), and I highly recommend getting some rich friends. Speaking of which, I'm looking to be pals with anyone who's purchased anything off of

[oh. um, er, about the pink for boys thing? never mind. Orange IS the national color of Holland and the signature color of Bugaboo, so watch out. you may be about to fall into the Frog Pond. -ed.]

I held a neighbor's baby this morning. She was dressed in a cute pink cardie and matching hat. It went something like this:

Me: omg, is this cashmere? (Stroking child)
her: I don't know (stroking child) it was a gift.
Me: It feels like it! (more stroking)
her: You think? (even more stroking)
Me: (Pulling at label on back of her poor kids sweater) omg it IS CASHMERE!
Her: I don't even have cashmere!

It was the first time she pulled it out and to tell you the truth it was a little small and won't get much more wear. It was Janie and Jack. Money well spent by somebody.

For those in Massachusetts, you can buy these exact RL sweaters in lots of colors at Marshalls for $90. Still too expensive for my wallet but I did stop at them just to rub the delicious cashmere on my cheeks and dream for a moment. Just before my 6mo old barfed on me and ruined one of my few shirts left without strained sweet potato stains on it.

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