December 15, 2005

No Men Were Harmed In The Production Of This Babywearing Article

Sorry dads, but according to the NY Times, babywearing--as practiced in NYC using the baby wraps of the world, including "the mei tai from China, the Mexican rebozo, the Korean podaegi and the kanga from Kenya," and the "waterproof slings, for babies who can't bear to be separated long enough for Mom to take a shower (yikes)"--is none of your business.

Like mastitis, Kegel exercises, and The Girlfriend's Guide, it's just a part of the mysterious, indecipherable world of motherhood.

Why don't you just pick up around the house and stop worrying about having sex ever again? Greeaat, thanks.

Baby Wrap 101 [nyt via presumably wrapless dt reader eric]
the mysteries of babywearing, abbreviated [nine in, nine out, ny]

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Actually, Kegel excersizes are for boys and men, too. They make for a healthy prostate.

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