December 15, 2005

Bill Maher Steals Dad's Cab In A Snowstorm

I'm sure the woman who sent this in to the NY Daily News gossip column thought she was standing up for the man in the story. But let's face facts: no man--even a man with a baby and a stroller in a snowstorm, who just had his cab stolen--wants to be known as "the guy Bill Maher almost made cry."

HBO talking head Bill Maher has apparently joined "Apprentice 2" prepster Raj Bhakta in the cab-stealing hall of shame.

After reading yesterday's item about Bhakta allegedly thieving a cab from a lady waiting in the cold night air, a Lowdown spy gave an eyewitness account of the 49-year-old Maher swiping one from a man with a baby in a snowstor

"A father with a baby and a stroller on Park Ave. was frantically hailing a cab," the spy E-mailed. "Finally a cab stops for him, and as he's struggling to hold the baby with one hand and fold the stroller with the other, Bill Maher steals his cab. What a bastard! The father almost cried."

Naturally, there's no word on the brand of stroller. But if he was struggling to fold it, and it was on Park Avenue, I think we all know what it was.

Lloyd Grove's Lowdown [nydn via gawker]

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Jeez, what a douche Bill Maher is. Maybe he is a member of al-Queda.

Double whammy if the guy he stole the cab from was Jon Stewart!

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