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December 14, 2005

Now We're Talking: "Please Make A Baby-Sized [Katamari Damacy] Shirt"

katamari_balloon.gifThe day of sweet video game baby gear may soon be upon us. Katamari Damacy creator Keita Takahashi is no fan of moneygrubbing, Game-Logo-Here merchandise, but when pressed, he approved a handful of t-shirt designs that make oblique or subtle references to the game. [Adult sizes are for sale at Panic for $24.95.] But about this shirt, titled "Balloon," Takahashi said the following:

This design was thought about at the very end. Someone was angry: 'please, give us a pop, cute, cool design more linked to the imagery of Katamari Damacy!' This design was very difficult. Personally, I can't imagine wearing this, but, if a baby wears it, it might be cuse. So, in the future, please make a baby-sized shirt!
There you go, straight from The Creator's mouth. So drop Panic a line about those baby t-shirts and Onesies.

And if they don't show up, you could try some combination of scanner, jpeg grab, vector graphics program, Gocco printer, iron-on transfer paper, an American Apparel bodysuit--and then drop a little doomo arigatoo ten-spot in the mail to Namco and one to Panic.

Katamari Damacy t-shirts, $24.95 at Panic Goods [panic.com via wired]
Check out this interview with Cabel at Panic about how the designs came into being. [gamesetwatch]

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