December 13, 2005

You Gonna Finish That?

Question: Did you eat more slightly used food off of someone else's plate now or in college? and does it make you a little less judgmental about the Salvadoran busboys who cleared your dinner at Outback Steakhouse the other night? Because it should.


Define "slightly use" in the context of a toddler. If he yelled, "NO YIKE IT!" and didn't even try a bite, heck yeah I'll eat his french fries or chicken breast cut into small strips or whatever.

But anything that's been mushed around? No thanks.

[there's a pretty wide range between untouched and mushed around. a wide, sometimes tasty range. -ed.]

Two words: Yo Baby

Watch it, Jeremy. That kind of talk can get you posted on the Hollaback NYC blog.

Wait. Are we talking about yogurt?

I was. Not sure why my high esteem for a brand of children's yogurt is an issue - maybe it's because in posting that on this particular thread I'm implicitly admitting that I have, on occasion, alternated a spoonful for my daughter with a spoonful for myself. But come on - I can't be the only one - it's just so good! But always a fresh spoonful from the jar she's working her way through, mind you - not "slightly used" leftovers from the spoonful she's just had.

Ah... this post...
I think you pretty much know my answer to that one! Not then, not now, not ever. Eating after people is muchos disgusting and I don't care how much food my kids waste... I'll never eat AFTER them!

In fact... we have a simple solution to kids not wasting food. Keep the plate in front of you, ask for a spare and give them small bites until they eat no more... then you can have all the leftovers without them ever having been touched or slobbered! This is something I do all the time with Connor.

Yes... I'm obsessive compulsive... make fun of me ALL you want... I'm still not sharing :O)

We'll eat something the kid isn't gonna eat.. not after she's gotten it in her mouth or gotten it all mushed or anything. But if it is still sitting on the plate... sure.

She always finished her Yo Baby, though...

It was a joke. You know, "Yo, baby!"


My husband's constantly doing this with the kids' leftovers and with mine, too. I think he thinks that food eaten on your way to the sink doesn't count calorie-wise.

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