December 11, 2005

Personally, I Blame Clement Hurd

benaffleck_smoking.jpgWhile I was out late this afternoon, my wife called me to let me know the kid had started smoking. When asked, the kid had no words or concept of what she was doing, but she had very distinctly picked up the motions from somewhere: she had taken a cigarette-sized piece of foam tube from a toy called Toobers & Zots, held it up to her mouth with two fingers, and was puffing on it.

We're stunned, frankly, because we can't imagine where she'd even see someone smoking. [yes, we're that smoke-free.] The only explanations I can come up with:

  • She's a hyper-observant little sponge mimicking the hapless office workers she sees huddled around the service entrances of New York's buildings.
  • Toobers & Zots, the most open-ended and creative construction toy available": a proud member of the Altria brand family??
  • that Joe Camel plush toy I bought on ebay.
  • In this week's People! New dad Ben Affleck swaps butts for diapers!
  • Two words: Goodnight Moon

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