December 9, 2005

Step-Dad Matt Damon To Be, What, "Biological Dad"?

Another man within the orbit of Angelina Jolie is getting all daddied up. This time it's Matt Damon, who's shooting a film, The Good Shepherd, with Jolie in NYC at the moment. Damon's already doing the step-dad thing with his fiancee's 7-year old son daughter [sorry. she clearly needs to wear more pink and purple, or how will I know?], and now the couple is apparently three months pregnant.

Gawker pointed to Access Hollywood for the story, but I didn't want to be just one link away from Billy Bush, so I thought I'd wait for Celebrity Baby Blog to break the news. That'll teach me; here's Sarah's opening sentence: " Access Hollywood is reporting that Luciana Barroso, 28, may have gotten a little more than a diamond ring from Matt Damon, 35, this past Labor Day." TMI.

Matt Damon and fiancee Luciana expecting first child together [cbb etc]


Just a heads up, Matt's fiancee's daughter is actually a girl, Alexa, and apparently, according to People Magazine, Matt and Luciana got married this morning in NYC.

At least I didn't say she had been 'sperminated,' a la Perez Hilton. ;)

[I was just wondering why Matt hadn't returned my calls that weekend. Now I know. -ed.]

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