December 9, 2005

Daddy Types: The Crib Blog


Because I can't resist, here's a pic of me (and yes, that red blob is the kid in her Widgeon coat) at the woodworking shop. The bed is designed to use a minimum of materials (two beds use just under five sheets of 60x60" double-faced birch ply) and to be produceable by relatively quickly either by hand or using a CNC router [computer-numerical controller, but you knew that]. A 3-axis router is fine, but a 5-axis would allow you to drill all the holes--even on the edges--in one step. For the kid's prototype, we used a 3-axis. Went smooth as silk.

[Update: whoa, thanks for all the feedback/email/interest. I probably should manage expectations a little bit. While it's designed to be safe, cool, as economical as you want to be, to pack flat and to waste a minimum of material, it's nowhere near as wood-optimized as, say, this coffee table that Andy's friend made. Just sayin'.]


Between this and the Bugaboo knock-off toy, you're really going DIY on us... can we expect to see a whole line of Daddytypes branded furniture and toys?

BTW, kudos for getting a Google ads link to CNC milling machines on a baby blog! :)

[yeah, that cracked me up. -ed.]

I was just wondering - was this crib made at a shop or was this your own equipment - I was thinking that would be a good idea.

[yeah, this was at a shop. I wish I had a NYC apartment big enough for a CNC routing table. The idea is to make the dimensions available for people to take to a shop with a CNC router, and they can just crank the wood out in a few minutes. At least that'll be one option. -ed.]

Do we get to see a picture of the finished product?

So did anything ever come of this project?

[it's close, just waiting for a part. ed.]

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