December 6, 2005

I Want A Kid-o Bib: A Must For Christmas


Not only a Kid-o bib, of course, will do, but I'm just saying.

That all-too-familiar frustration with the horrible design of most baby gear probably intensifies when you open an awesome baby store, because Kid-o has introduced quite a few of their own designs, including these sweet, Donald Judd-inspired color block bibs. They're made from coated nylon, and they're $18.

While I was on the site, here's a list of other great things that caught my eye:

  • first off, the chair that kid's sitting in is awesome: a vintage Casalino Chair (1970) by Alexander Begge, which comes in two children's sizes. $300.
  • Sure, the classic teak monkey by Danish designer Kay Bojesen is still in production and available new for $160. But the vintage one is cooler. And $1500. Obviously, one's for you, and one's for the kid to actually play with.
  • Finally, Andersen is a new compilation of classic Hans Christian Andersen fairytales, each illustrated by leading artists and graphic designers from around the world. So leading, in fact, that the publisher doesn't mention their names anywhere. In principle, I'm a total fan of this kind of contemporary reimagining, and I've bought plenty of Visionaire magazines in my day, but I'll have to check this one out in the store first before giving it the ol' thumbs up. The chick on the cover does look like Snowbird, the Quebecker mutant from Alpha Flight, though, which is always hot. If someone makes an X-Men retelling of fairy tales, I'm totally there.


    Haven't thought of Snowbird in ages. Even more brownie points to your blog for the random Alpha Flight reference.

    [this Byrne cover warped my fragile little mind. -ed.]

    For reals? KidO has finally updated their website?

    Yes, the Casalino chair IS awesome. But, they are readily available on eBay for less than a 100 bucks. Their other vintage modern pieces are for crack smokers only, because everything is about 500% the going rate. Don't pay more than $15 for a Cosco booster chair. Or $150 for a Bertoia, unless you're buying one from me. I'll give you half off the kido price if you want one. They must need to price that high, because once someone buys it, the shop won't look as nice with empty display cases.

    [yeah, they've got a big nut to cover, I guess. New Yorkers are used to it. -ed.]

    Great info. thanks

    Anderson (like it's predecessor Grimm) is a great idea, but be advised that some of the illustrations are a bit disturbing. I'm not sure I could recommend them for any young child - so be sure to look at the book in person to decide if your kidlet will get nightmares from the pictures. Aside from the PG-13 rating, my only criticism would be that I was expecting somewhat higher print/binding quality.

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